Film-It Competition

Film-It is a film competition organized by NET Section EDB and partnered with the European Union in HK and RTHK. Over the past three years we have been lucky enough to have been shortlisted and won a few awards. 

In this competition, our students are fully invested in the production of a short film from start to finish. We are proud of our development in this genre and the dedication and talent of our students.

ZERO Waste Challenge 2019

HK landfill is running out of space and this is what our film needed to visit. In order to find out how much waste is produced from our day to day food comsuption, our team went on a ZERO FOOD was journey.


Best Ensemble Cast; Best Documentary Short Film; Best Direction; Most Popular Vote @ NET Facebook page

Dessert Crawl 2018

The theme this year was Europe from the Lens of Hong Kong and what better way of capturing that from our vibrant street food. 

Our team visited different eateries and highlighted the European influences it had on our "yummy-licious" unique and iconic street food.


Best Documentary Short Film; Best Direction; Best Ensemble Cast; Best Original Script


Best Ensemble Cast; Best Original Script

Plastic Free Sees 2017

The theme for this year's competition was the Environment. Our students produced a short documentary which highlighted the plastic problem in Hong Kong waters.


Best Documentary Short Film (Junior Form Division)