Digital Audio Book Competition

Introducing our 1st ever Digital Audio Book Competition. Click on the video to learn more!

Competition Details

Competition Premise: Choose a character from any story you have read/seen before and recreate a new short story for that character. You can create a team of up to 4 students from any Form. For example, your team can be made up of students from S1, S2, & S6.

All participants will be using the Book Creator interface to bring your words to life!

Theme: Gratefulness

Deadline to sign up: 18/11/2022

Deadline for Digital Audio Book: 12/01/2023

Awards to be Given(Amended 15/2):

Most Outstanding Story

Most Creative Story

Best Voice Acting 


READ and LISTEN to our rehash of a classic tale titled, "Don't Look Up" written & dubbed by Windelyn ( 5B 11), Nishpreet( 5B 03), & Hamidah(5B 24) using Book Creator.

Ariel always wondered if life would be better on land, especially if "he" was there. Will it be all that she ever dreamed of?  

Here are four books written and dubbed by our very own students

Sherlock Holmes Detective Club 

Written and Voiceover by Maryam (2B 18)

In a bid for more students to join his 'Detective Club' at school, a young Sherlock Holmes encounters challenges along the way.

Dora the Explorer 

Written by Ummar (6B 17); Voiceover designed by Umar.

Dora is on an adventure as she gives 'you' important clues of a mystery that 'you' need to solve.

Faith have no Mercy 

Written by:  Fatima(2A02), Wajeeha(2A17) , Sehrish(2A 07) , Fatima(2A03) 

Voiceover by: Fatima(2A02), Fatima(2A03)

A fanfic that teams up popular antiheroes, but will they actually work together?

The Beginning 

Writers: Zhabeda(2B23), Nafeesa(2B22)

Voiceover by: Zhabeda(2B23), Nafeesa2B22, Mandip(2B17), Maryam (2B18), 2B 

Detective Jake and Rosa are different personalities and have to partner for their very first case together.