Debate Competition

2023-24 Debate Team 

(Teachers in charge: Mr. Nadeem & Mr. Ahmed)

Our Senior debaters have gone 2-0 this year in Debate Competitions against two top ranked schools which were conducted online.

Top Image: Rahman MD Aniq (5C 19), Saleem Alisha (5B 28), Fatima Jawaria (5C 11) preparing for their online debate.

*Special Thanks to Joy for being our IKTMC debate coach this year*

2022-23 Debate Team

Our Debate Team was back in action this year as familiar faces and new faces came together weekly to train up on a variety of speaking skills. Our debators harnassed many practical English skills through their debate experience this year. 

Through out the year our debate meticulously trained to participate in competitions

Watch a short highlights video of our Debate Match vs Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

We came away victorious in one of our freindly matches

2019 Junior Debate Champions 

Through lots of training our Junior Form team took home the trophy