Campus TV

Students are involved in the entire process of creating a CAMPUS TV episode. From writing, filming and editing. Yes we even do the subtitling.

Film production is a contextualized way of using English. Not only has it helped the Campus TV team improve their English, but it has shone a spot light on their creativity. For more content from our school, please visit:

2021 OLE Finally!

After one year of having no OLE's it's good have some activities that aren't from our texbooks!

2021 New School Year

Start of the 2021 school year, but learning never stopped for these two students

2019 Sports Day

It was an eventful few days as we showcased great sportsmanship not just with our fellow students, but also with our fellow competitors and alumnis.

Final Episode 2 Sports Day.mp4

2018 Meeting friends Old and New

We thought it'd be a pretty cool thing to pair some Senior Form Students/Teachers with some new incoming Form 1 students to chat about things. All ina room filled with BALLOONS!

Final Episode