Other Competitions

Our students take part in a variety of external contests too. From public speaking to writing and even film-making, our students are active in challenging their English ability .

I-learner is an online English learning platform that allows our students to learn English at their own pace. I learner tasks are not only given as class assignments, but students are encouraged to complete as many tasks on their own as part of our efforts for student self directed learning. 

Bold Award (right): Khan  Zayan (2B10)

I-LEARNER AWARDS(2022-23):  Certificate of Top Reader:

Top row: Khan Zayan (2B 10), Khan Mohammad  Ayaan (3B15),Khan Mohammad Shahwaiz (2B 08)

Bottom Row: Mehmood Manaahil (2B16), Leung Ling Chi (2B12)

Oustanding Student Award:

Khan Mohammad Shahwaiz (2B08), Mohammad Ayaan (3B 15), Tamang Sumnima (4A25), Muhammad Junaid (5B23)

I-LEARNER AWARDS(2021-22):  

The following students were prize recipients for completing the most tasks in I-learner: [From left: 3C1 Mohammad Sikander, 2A05 Kamil Wavoo Humaira, 4C05 Bibi Eshal, 5A07 Laraib Bibi, 6B11 Muhmud Maryam Binte]

[From left: Ms. Zareenah Ho[Principal], Mr. Larry Sum[Deputy English Dept Head], Ms. Sobia, Ms. Aisha Wu[English Dept. Head], Mr. Stephen Tsin

   English Public Speaking Contest (Aim Cup 2023)

Our stuents took part in giving  inspirational and motivational speeches in the Aim Cup and came a way with some excellent results. Ms. Constance was the Teacher in Charge for this competition.

1C rehman Zakwan Ur (left), 1C Muhammad Sahil recieved Certificate of Particpation Awards(middle); 2A Fatima Monnawar recieved the Certificate of Distinction Award (right)

4C Fatima Jawaria received Certificate of Merit and Honorable Mention

As a collective, our school was also given a Plaque for Outstanding School 

*right of photo: Mr. Choi (IKTMC Vice Prinicpal) ; Teacher in Charge: Ms. Constance Tang (*not in photo)

Rising Heroes 2022 

Some of our IKTMC students participated in this very meaningful online festival(August 27) where they produced fictional English work to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Such work included speeches and scripts. Our students were awarded a certificate for their participation 

Back Row: 2B 11 Mehmood Riyaan, 2B24 Sher Rehan, 2C 6 Ali Mohammad Abuzar, 4C 25 Sultan Mohammad Owais

Front Row: Ms. Ho [Principal], 4b26 Saleem Alisha, 3B22 Umaima Shakir, 2B18 Quadeer Maryam, 2A9 Mahmud Aaesha, 2B6 eshan Isma , 3B9 Fatima Qayyum, special thanks Ms Sobia (Teacher in charge)

Internal Writing Competition2020-2021: Form 4-6 English Students took part in a school wide writing competition. To celebrate our school's 50th anniversary, students had to come up with a BUCKETLIST of things they'd like to do before graduating form our school. Click on our winning submissions and see what are creative writers had to say.

1st Place 6C01 Saaliha Writing Competition.pdf

Form 6 - First Prize

6C 01 Abdul Manaf Fathima Saaliha 

2nd Place 6D 19 Ziya Form 6 Writing Competition.pdf

Form 6 - 2nd Prize

6D 19 Ziya Yu

3rd Place 6C 03_Ahmed(1).pdf

Form 6 - 3rd Prize


Other competitions throughout the years

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