2019-2020 English in a Flash

Who says interactive learning had to stop? 'English in a Flash' provides 'Useful English Tips from Short Video Clips' produced entirely by our NET, Mr. Wattie Chan.

  • Every Episode contains a question that CHALLENGES our students' understanding of the video topic

  • Every Episode features STUDENT WINNERS AND EXPLANATIONS to video challenges

  • Episodes focus either on Vocabulary, Grammar or Spoken English Phrases from the best educational content from the US, the UK and Australia.

EIP episode 1.mp4

Episode 1: Grey Area

It's just a color right? Learn from this movie clip by 'Voice of America'

EIP episode 2.MP4

Episode 2: It's and It's

It's confusing but it's explained in this short clip by ABC Education Australia

EIP episode 3.MP4

Episode 3: I Disagree

Find out how different ways you can disagree with someone from this 'BBC Learning English' clip.

EIP episode 4.MP4

Episode 4: 'Give me a couple pointers'

Not really sure what this means, check out this movie clip by 'Voice of America'

EIP episode 5.MP4

Episode 5: Lie & Lay

The past tense of these two words are most confusing. 'ABC Education Australia' helps us out here.

EIP episode 6.MP4

Episode 6: Dislikes

'BBC Learning English' teaches different ways express our dislike for something.

EIP episode 7.MP4

Episode 7: 'I'm your best bet'

No it's not about gambling. 'Voice of America' has a movie clip for you to see.

EIP episode 8.MP4

Episode 8: Affect & Effect

Goodness we always get this wrong. "'BC Education Australia' shows us how to use them correctly!

EIP episode 9.MP4

Episode 9: Describe your home city/town.

'BBC Learning English' features British people and how they describe where they live.

EIP episode 10.MP4

Episode 10: Could not Be Broken

'Voice of America' explains this phrase from the movie "Call of the Wild"

EIP episode 11.MP4

Episode 11: Lose & Loose

Is it just a spelling issue? Find out more from 'ABC Education Australia'

EIP episode 12.MP4

Episode 12: Resolutions

'BBC Learning English' features Bristish folks expressing their resolutions for the New Year. What? It's not New Year. Click and watch.

EIP episode 13.MP4

Episode 13: Like seeing a Ghost

'Voice of America' explains what this phrases really means.

EIP episode 14.MP4

Episode 14: Stationary & Stationery

Which one represents a sharpener and which one means to stay still

Find out from 'ABC Education Australia'

EIP episode 15.MP4

Episode 15:What would you make illegal?

Interesting topic from 'BBC Learning English.' Find out more.

EIP episode 16.MP4

Episode 16: Not Everyone is Wired..."

This must be about electricty or robots right? Find out more from this moive "Arrival" that was featured on 'Voice of America'.

EIP episode 17.MP4

Episode 17: Principal and Principle

Find out how to remeber this tricky tricky pair of words from 'ABC Education Australia'

EIP episode 18.MP4

Episode 18: Super Powers

BBC Learning English asked Brits what super powers they'd love to have. What about you guys?

EIP episode 19.MP4

Episode 19: Ahead of your Time

Time travelling! Yes - NOOOO, that's not what that phrase means. 'Voice of America' has a video on how to use this phrase properly.

EIP episode 20.MP4

Episode 20: Peek, Peak and Pique

You don't have to peek into this clip from ABC Education Australia, just click and hopefully it'll pique your interest so you'll be at your English peak.

EIP Episode 21.MP4

Episode 21: Staying Active in Isolation

BBC Learning English showcases how people around the world is passing their time amidst Covid-19 restrictions. What about you guys?

EIP episode 22.MP4

Episode 22: The Ticking Gets Louder

Sounds annoying! 'Voice of America' shows how this phrase is used in the movie "Downhill."

EIP episode 23.MP4

Episode 23: They're Their There

I know you know the difference, but good to brush things up from this video from 'ABC Education Australia.'

EIP episode 24.MP4

Episode 24:

Hmmm...listen to how Brits use the phrase "would love to" when answer thus fun question from 'BBC Learning English.'

EIP episode 25.MP4

Episode 25: Pick of the Litter

Don't you mean pick up the litter? NOPE. Check out this video from 'Voice of America' and see how it's used.

EIP episode 26.MP4

Episode 26: A, An, The

Seriously we still mess this up guys. 'ABC Education Australia' will get you sorted though.

EIP episode 27.MP4

Episode 27: Prime Minister for a day

See what how Bristih people use the 2nd conditional "If I were..., I would..." and other modal verbs in their response to this interesting topic produced by BBC Learning English

EIP episode 28.MP4

Episode 28: He's a lost Cause

'Voice of America' shows you a phrase from the movie, 'Ugly Dolls" and what it really mens.

EIP episode 29.MP4

Episode 29: License, Licence; Pratice, Practise

This is where US English and British English is different. Check out how from this video by 'ABC Education Australia'

EIP episode 30.MP4

Episode 30: Best Advice

'BBC Learning English' shows what people had to share regarding advice.

EIP episode 31.MP4

Episode 31: Student's Response

Check out what some of our IKTMC students had to say

EIP episode 32.MP4

Episode 32: You are not Cut Out for This

See how our students faired when using this phrase brought to you by 'VOA Learning English'