IKTMC English Department

English Curriculum

The English Language Curriculum at IKTMC is in line with the Education Bureau’s official curriculum “CDC English Language Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 6)”, with adaptations  made that specifically cater to our diverse student body. The macroscopic curricular objective is to develop students’ linguistic and communicative competences befitting English as a Second Language (L2) users in preparation for Paper 1-4 of the HKDSE English Language Exam

Our curriculum places equal weight on formal classroom language acquisition and informal out of classroom experiences. Continuous Assessment (i.e. Assessment for Learning, Assessment as Learning) is administered in tandem with Summative Assessment to optimize successful English language learning outcomes.

Teaching Methodologies

Subject to the target language learning objective(s) in the English lesson, we address learner diversity through  task-based activities, communicative langauge teaching  and  multi-modal projects. All our students are provided with scaffolded lessons which present a wide scope of text types and writing formats to ensure that they aren't only proficient in English but attain relevant 21st century literacy skills.

Enriching English Environment

Another aim of our English Department is to provide as many authentic and engaging English learning opportunities for our students outside of the classroom. Click on the thumbnails to learn more.

IKTMC English Teachers