Speech Festival

Secondary 2 Boys Solo Group [2nd Prize 2019]

2B 16 Sadiq Abdul Hameed Zoraiz

Performing "A Small Dragon" by Brian Patten, Zoraiz displayed his lyrical and performing prowess, convincing his audience and the adjudicator that he just made a small but big discovery in a woodshed. In the past two years, he has placed in the Top 3 in his group.

Secondary 5-6 Duologue Group [Champion 2018]

Mr. Wattie (NET) ; Asiya Yu 5C(21) ; Fatima Waheed 5c(6)

Performing 'Wait Until Dark' by Frederick Knott, our girls had to depict a blind mother and her estranged daughter that somehow are connected to a murder that they had no idea about. They practiced for 2 months non-stop and had lots have laughs in between which amounted to their excellent showing. 

Secondary 2 Boys Solo Group [3rd Prize 2020]

Rahman Md Aniq 2B (22

Performing 'The Blackout' by John Mole, Aniq was to convey the undulating emotions experienced for just a brief moment by a traveller following his awakening to a completely dark hotel room in the middle of the night. The emotions expressed by the poem takes quite a twist from being in a sort of fright and suspense in stanzas 1-6 to one of relief in stanzas 7-10.  Yet Aniq managed to juggle with those subtle mood changes so tactically and masterfully in his delivery, which eventually earned him a 3rd Prize.